Monsters Behind the Gates

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previously released as Partners in Crime


With a personal life falling apart, Atlanta homicide detective Jeff Strickland is going through the motions. Numb to the murders he investigates, when a bludgeoned body is discovered in a field, he expects it to be another routine killing. To his horror, the victim is the teenaged daughter of his close friends.

Strickland saw Kanya as the daughter he never had. Like many teens, she was attracted to the city’s streets, but he never imagined she would meet such a violent death.

Desperate to find her killer, he breaks department rules and throws himself into the case, uncovering multiple plots, motives, and lies. Was it a love affair gone wrong? A scheme striking her prominent family? Or something else?

Frustrated by a lack of evidence and with Kanya’s killer targeting him, Strickland must uncover the truth before he becomes the next victim. But as circumstances unfold and lives begin to unravel, he might find answers that he didn’t want.


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